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  Learning objectives & what to expect by the end of the course

By the end of the course, participants will:

1) Have undergone a self discover of the components and 9 essential building blocks of success in nurse entrepreneurship.

2). Have discovered the relationship between time and money and how each impacts the daily operations of a business.

3) Have set clear and measurable goals for their individual business endeavors as well as a turn by turn road map from concept to launch

4) Have discovered their entrepreneurial strengths and business styles along with which types of business models are best suited for each business style.

5). Have designed a work life balance system that is complimentary to your business plan and career transition

6) Have mastered basic business planning and business development skills

7) Have developed a simple and usable business plan for your future enterprise.

Like with anything, the objectives and results will only depend on how much work, effort, commitment and participation that the participants put into the course and workshops.