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W E L C O M E & W E L C O M E

This course is designed for the nurse who wants to launch a simple (not be CONFUSED with easy), streamlined, structured and profitable business with minimal stress and maximum success. It is not a pre requisite for success. It is better than a perquisite......….it helps you design your shortest path to your highest potential.

Designed by a nurse for fellow nurse entrepreneurs, this course helps you rediscover yourself (many nurses exist and live on auto pilot because they have lost their goals in the midst of the lives of those they care about), reinvent yourself, find your purpose, get clear on your goals, toss beliefs that do not serve you, shape your attitude, make room for your future enterprise and then build a system to achieve your goals.

This course helps you to cultivate habits that set yourself up for success. It prepares you to be successful in business and in life. This course is not about any specific business… is about you. It examines what I call the MAT of SUCCESS: Money, Activities, Time. Think about it as a MAT at the door of your business. You have to stand on this mat to open the door to your business. How much money do you need to make and how much time can you spend running your business (remember 24 hours is all you got and you have a thousand and one other responsibilities) and how do you take care of all the other activities in your life………this course helps you find answers to these tough questions and prepares you for success.

FIRST, let me tell you the history behind this course. I have taught concepts and basics to success for several years to my staff, my licensees (yes, there is a license program for the non medical in home care business but details on that later) and to my students but this particular course was inspired by the 2016 NNBA convention. I was one of the presenters at the 2016 convention in Las Vegas and i met a room full of amazing nurses with tons of potential but they needed just a little more to flip over to their next level of success. They needed some information about money mind set, how to tap into their inner genius, how to access the hidden fortune in elder care, how to prepare their lives for the next level of success, how to develop relationship that move your forward and how to find the right business that brings your money, balance and enjoyment.

Some nurses where sick and tired of being sick and tired but they were could not take the next step because of FEAR. So to push them out of their comfort zones, i made the requirements for the course ridiculously challenging. Well, it worked because 17 of those nurses took the course. Here is what they had to do: take off an entire day from work, yes, it is true and they spent the entire day in our virtual conference room. We worked hard all day once a week and in 5 weeks we were done. Some of it was uncomfortable but that is part of the course to make you uncomfortable so you can move things around and start to move your life in the direction of success.

You have the easy version. It is PARTLY self paced AND partly interactive. Once a week on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9pm EST you can participate in a virtual group mentoring workshop. During this time, you will participate in different exercises and interactive sessions to work through the course.




It brings to mind the story of Alice In The Wonderland which goes like this: “Would you tell me which way I ought to go from here”? That depends a good deal on where you want to get to said the cat. “I don’t much care where” said, Alice. Then it doesn’t matter which way you go said the cat.

Research shows that 97% of people are walking the same path as Alice. That might account for the reason that 85% of new businesses fold away in the first year. This course helps you succeed so that you do not become an Alice or make the statistic in your personal life and in your business.


There are 5 modules in the course. Each module has up to 6 hours of content just for you. Take your time and get into it and work through it carefully and then bring your progress to the debrief group mentoring session on Thursday evenings.

Each module is comprised of a morning section and an afternoon section. Each section has a theme. Each module includes an audio of a tele-seminar, face book coaching, individual action activities, questions and answers, planning and getting things done.

There is no home work………only personal advancement


Module 1: The A, B, Cs to Z of Personal Success

Morning theme: YES, This Time, It Is About Me

Reflections & Questions: How the questions you are living in shape your life Finding Yourself, Finding Your Way in the midst of the lives of other How To Reinvent Yourself

Finding the ABCs of your personal success. Clue: A is for awareness.

Afternoon theme: Time, Money & Me

Decluttering & Head Cleaning: How what you think and choose colors your life

Life’s Prisms & Possibilities: Belief systems that shut down your success.

Seeing yourself as the person you want to be

Time, sand and water. What? Yes, there is a relationship plus money.

Strategies for increasing your productivity while reducing stress

4 simple steps for becoming a masterful time manager.

Module #2. The Fertile Mind, The Happy Heart: Changing Your Thoughts To Reap A Better Life.

Module #3. What Matters Most: Building A Fulfilling Business On The Foundations of Your Values

Module #4. Problem Solving Mastery: The 5 Part Formula 4 Building Stamina & Solving Everyday Business Challenges.

Module #5. Which Business Should You Get Into? What Suits U? What Matches U? How To Transition Into Entrepreneurship.