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  Course Layout & Learning Plan


You are taking this course because you have had it and it is past time to move on to your next endeavor. It might also be that you have been meaning to get your business started but for what ever reason, it just did not happen until now. You might even still have doubts as to if you can really own and run a business. I am sure you know a few business owners or have friends and family members who have ran businesses before both successfully and some with grave challenges. What ever your situation is, i want you to know that you are not alone and i understand some of it. I wrote this course for the nurse that needs a little motivation , a little guidance, an easy for follow road map and may be even to coach or a mentor. If any of these describes you then you are in the perfect place and you are about to have a very different life experience going forward all for the good.


If you have ever taken any of my other other course, you know that i am very very informal and very flexible and full of surprises. This is an email course and typically, you will not get a live teleseminar but i just might invite you to one or you might get an email saying that i am visiting in your city and would like to meet you for lunch. You just never know but any how you will get 7 modules all delivered to your email approximately 7 days apart. The reason is because, you need several days to work on your steps. I do not like home work so we are not going to call it home work. We are going to call it weekly working steps. I wish i knew when you will be quitting your job. Why, because i want to challenge you to quit your current position 7 weeks from today. I really want to say quit your job but i don't want to frighten you if you are not ready for that type of fast success. Also, the decision to transition into entrepreneurship may be a decision that you need to check in with a spouse or significant other so take it slow and plan it out. On the other hand, if you want radical transition and success, send me an email.

Here are the modules.

#1. Giving Is The New Getting: The Psychology of Success & Preparing Your Mind For Business & Personal Success.

#2. Myths & Facts About Running A Nurse Owned Business.

#3. What Is Your Unique Business Profile? Solopreneur, Intrapreneur or Entrepreneur?

#4. Ideal Businesses For Nurses & What Is Best For You.

#5. Forget A Raise: Its A Trap Plus How To Take Home More Money Before You Quit

#6. Designing Your Transition Roadmap

#7. Setting Your Prices So You Earn Enough In Your Business.


This week's working step #1 is to listen to the audio. Make sure you are in a quiet space and make sure you have at least one hour for this exercise. Please take the time to do it, it will change your life for the better. You start with step to help you shake up your mind and put things into perspective. If you want sit and answer some of those reflection questions after listening to the complete audio, there is a document on this module that has all those questions.

Working step #2 is to track how you spend time and how you spend your money. The goal of this exercise is to help you identify where you waste time and where you waste money. If you start by just making small changes in those areas of your life, you will realise that you have more money and enough time to develop yourself, your skills and your strengths to become successful in business.

Enjoy the audio, track your money, track your time and share your daily steps and your journey in the face book secret group. You have been added o the group. It is called CRN 2 CEO. Until next week, stay inspired, be the best you can and dream fearlessly.

In Service & In Care and to your radical success.