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  7 SUCCESS Qualities You Already Have: Make Them Work For YOU NOW!

The training you got as a nurse, is like no other career. One of the reasons it is easy for a nurse to do this business model is because it requires a clear understanding of what you want (good income for the work you do), a price to pay for the results you want, the responsibility of doing a great job, the commitment to work hard using good time management, carefulness and speed (sounds like a med pass) and the persistence to never give up.

There are 7 personal qualities that assure success and you got them all.

Although this course hints an income of one hundred and twenty thousand, you can make more if your desire. The way to make this super easy for you is to find your goal and focus on it. There are many part to a business and not every part will interest you in the same way. The trick is to find the part of your business that you are great at and BECOME A MASTER at it. Use the attached exercise to help you get clear on your goal and to help you identify your strengths. As you work through this exercise, you will discover that your nursing training has prepared you well for this business venture.


Print out the handout titled HOW TO ASSURE SUCCESS and post it every where that you can see and think about it several times a day.

Print out the handout titled FOCUS ON YOUR GOAL and begin to work on it. In your first coaching session, we will work through this exercise to build your confidence and get off to a good start with building and growing your business.

SFNA How to assure success.pdf
SFNA Focus on your goal.pdf