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  Who Is Stella Nsong & What Are The Benefits Of Her Course?

My name is Stella Nsong and the "N" part of my name is not exactly silent so the pronunciation is 1/2 of an 'N" and the word "song". I usually wear a smile and i am really light hearted, simple and easy going. When I was eight, my nick name was "modern" and when I was sixteen, my nick name was "easy" because i like things simple and easy as you will discover in this course.

I like spicy and crunchy food. My favorite movie is "The Firm" and my favorite vegetable is broccoli. The best thing that I like about myself is that I don't sweat the small stuff and what I do not like about myself is that I have a very expressive face so I don't hide my emotions well. Guess I wouldn't make a good politician but that is okay because I love being a nurse entrepreneur and it has served me well.


I first started in business when I was nine years old. I had a vegetable garden and i made some money. Another day, I will tell you how i went from that to making my first million dollars starting this type of business with only $1263.00 without loans, mentors, coaching, credit nor working capital. For purposes of this module, i have attached a few press releases and certificates and media related information to give you a quick cross sectional idea of my back ground so that you know that i am the elder care cliff expert, the master of non medical in-home care and that I know how to help you succeed in this business.

Thank you for letting me share my opportunity with you and I am glad you are here!



The lowest start investment possible for a health care company. All you really need is about one thousand dollars and if you follow the system, you can work part time and grow this business even from your home office. Its a low investment a low over type of business working with about only about 3-5 clients if your prefer and of course you can do more.


Affordable business mentoring for. $997 gives you a complete course plus six business mentoring and coaching sessions to help you start strong and to grow fast and profitable in no time.


Samples of most of the forms and documents you will need are already included. Just copy and paste and add your logo. No need to pay a legal team to draft documents for you from scratch. Each state has slightly different rules so if you are in a state that requires a home care license, you will need very few adjustments to get your agency off the ground. Of course there is support for you at any given time.

Stella Nsong Woman of Achievement.pdf
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