Components of the program


Welcome to the next 12 months of pure personal growth, financial advancement, career advancement and business success. This course is designed by a nurse for nurses only. A lot of thought has been placed into every single chapter and every single document. This course was born out of practical experience in teaching and coaching nurses who do not have a significant amount of business experience nor a large working capital nor a lot of available time to invest in the start and growth of a business.

This course will help move you from CRN to CEO in 12 months or less. There are five components to the course:

#1. The psychology of success in home care.

#2. How To Set Up A Small Business 101

#3. Non Medical Home Care Business Success (see the road map in the next lesson)

#4. Weekly Coaching, yes weekly coaching for 12 months.

#5. A closed and secret facebook page for everyday support and quick information for member of this course and those who have attended an event and are building their businesses.

The access link to the face book group is in week #5. I intentionally delay your access to that group so that you do not get distracted or overwehlemed with the good stuff that the other nurses are working on.

I like for you to spend the first month putting the foundations of your company in place. If you build your company on a solid foundation, it will grow and succeed.

Because most nurses are financially strained and or over extended, some components of the course are taught concurrently.

The goal is to get the students to a Launch Your Agency in a weekend event 100 to 120 days after enrolling in the course. Think about a Launch Your Agency In A Weekend event as the kick off to your business. In this course you will be able to get your business started right away and then when you attend the event, it would be like your grand opening.

The learning plan will be adjusted on an ongoing basis to suit the needs of the current students. Each month will be dedicated to a particular learning objective and each week, the coaching sessions are designed for quick help and guidiance around the pressing questions from the students who are currently enrolled.

Coaching for this course is in a question and anwser format. The coaching in this group does not come with tools and systems (from other courses) that are not included in this course and there are reasons for that and we will discuss more about that during the coaching sessions.

Some of the entrepreneurs in this course are already in business and may be here for the private pay client development mastery

You may also see some documents or parts of a lesson in more than one module and there is a reason for that too.

Weekly coaching begins upon enrollment but the face book access is in week #5. You will recieve an invite to the coaching sessions either through uber conference or via zoom.

There are pre event training replays as well as coaching replay links included to get you going. In the next lesson, you will start to get busy to prepare yourself.


Here is a sample of a few of the Launch Your Agency In A Weekend pre- event coaching calls.

May 2018


Jan. 2nd, 2018