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  How This Course Came About, Who It Is For & How It Is Set Up

Welcome to Entrepreneurship 100 & 101.


For over a quarter of a century, i have pre-cepted, taught, mentored and coached several hundreds of people and have personally hired and trained at least half a million employees of my own. Here is the one thing that i have learned and that is why i decided to offer this course: nurses are very very different from any other type of professionals. We nurses operate from a place of DOING for the rest of the world that we forget and get lost in the lives of others. Somewhere along the way, we even loose our personal sense of self and take on the identity and even the personal aspirations of others. In the process of being the great nurses we are, we develop skills sets like no other group of people. These skills make us walking enterprises and then in the course of doing our thing we get burned out, stressed out, underpaid, under appreciated and overwhelmed.

Then we run across the Stella's of the world and they tell us how much our lives could be different and then we say, wow, how come i did not know this before now so we skip right into business.

The good news is that we can start a business and be all set up in 24 hours or less. We can make money and lot of it too. The bad news is that without the right foundation that same awesome business could destroy our health, our important relationships, our finances, our motivation and our future endeavors.

I have also seen well intention-ed nurse business owners with all the tools and all the right systems who are still not able to achieve the success they want because the foundation is missing. This course is for anyone who is stuck and wants to get unstuck to take their business idea to live and make it profitable, anyone who wants to achieve success in their business and enjoy the freedom and autonomy and flexible that they desire while the business grows, anyone who is struggling to grow their business, anyone who feels like their business owns them instead of them owning the business and anyone planning to start a business within the next year.


This is like no other course out in the world. Its has been inspired by the needs of nurses who create care and service solutions everyday. Its is designed with the very very busy aspiring nurse entrepreneur in mind.

There are two parts to this course:

#1. There is the self paced study. All the materials for the course are housed in the modules following this one. Each module represents one building block. Two weeks is allotted for the completion of each module. There are exercises to be competed with most of the modules.

#2 There is a biweekly virtual business workshop with coaching. On the first Wednesday of the month, there is an interactive and small group teleseminar with live questions and answers. On the third Wednesday there is a virtual workshop where participants get to actually work on their businesses with live questions and answers.

Each session will be recorded and there is always a replay available.


Participants will need the following equipment and materials.

#1. Laptop or computer so you can do your work and locate documents.

#2. A 3 ring binder with 9 tabs. One for each module.

#3. A medium size poster board for the designing of the different components of your company.