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  Curriculum At A Glance, Facebook & Course Support

The course is made up of 9 modules with 2 bonuses. Each module represents a building block.

Module #1.There are only 3 important things in life. See how they relate to your business.

Module #2. How to set clear, measurable and attainable business goals for your business.

Module #3. Building Your Values Ladder: How to align what is important to you so that it works with rather than against your business

Module #4: Discovering & Enhancing Your Natural Business Sense & Skills.

Module #5. Knowing & Mastering Your Key Numbers: what is your financial tipping point? what to charge, how to charge so your are very profitable and well rewarded for your hard work and quality service

Module #6. Enlisting Your Board Of Critics & How to set up collaborator and joint venture partners

Module #7. How to design your work life & life style to balance your career, business and family life.

Module #8. Home & Business Finance 099: How to create a home & business budget and how to plan for money and expenses

Module #9. Creating Your Road Map To Success: How to pick the right coach and mastermind circle so you can leverage time. money and relationships.

BONUS #1. Development of your tactical business plan

BONUS #2. Free business resources

FACEBOOK: There is a secret face book group for this course. Click here for access>>>>>

COURSE SUPPORT: For help with any part of this course or for technical difficulties email to support You can expect an email replay within 48 business hours.